Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Casa Del Sol?
The Casa Del Sol on the East Cape is a beachfront shared residence in the exclusive Cabo Vinorama Estates gated community. It is a private, environmentally-friendly home consisting of  5,214 square feet, four master bedrooms and guest casita.

What are the primary benefits?
The Casa Del Sol fractional home allows individuals full-equity share ownership, the use and enjoyment of a multi-million dollar beachfront home, the lifestyle and amenities of a five-star resort with a cost of ownership that’s proportionate to the owner’s use.

Why was the fractional home concept developed?
The Casa Del Sol fractional concept was designed to provide all the advantages of second home ownership and luxury living with greater convenience, hassle-free maintenance and a significantly reduced financial investment through shared ownership.

How many interests will be sold?
The ownership structure at the Casa Del Sol is divided into 1/13 shares at four weeks each.

How do I schedule my use?
Each year, all the owners will gather together to select their chosen weeks. The rotating week selection will include holidays and follow a fixed week calendar. Owners may collaborate with each other to adjust week selection throughout the year if changes in personal schedules occur.

Can I lend out this vacation home the same way if we were sole owners?
Yes. You can use your weeks however you wish. Handing the keys over to business colleagues, friends or family to use a portion of your reserved time is acceptable. However, renting out the residence to the general public when you are not using it is not permitted.

Can I safely store personal items for future use?
Yes, the Casa Del Sol provides secure on-site storage facilities for your convenience.

Who manages the maintenance and operations of the Casa Del Sol?
Overall management and maintenance of the residence will be provided by SJR Capital BCS.

Do owners pay annual dues?
Yes. The annual dues pay for the professional management and operation of the Casa Del Sol home including funds for supplies, maintenance, insurance, utilities, refuse removal, administration, landscaping, security and a reserve fund for furniture and refurbishing of the residence.

Can ownership interest be resold?
Yes. Like any other form of real estate, your interest can be sold or transferred. The management company should be contacted in the event an owner chooses to sell.



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